TV Wall Mounting Service in Manchester

Are you the proud new owner of a flat screen 50inch HD TV? Are you already in awe of the sleek black frame and smooth angles? Do you want to show it off to its best effect? Do you want it to be the first thing visitors see when they walk into your living room? Well don’t hide it in the corner on a stand then! Get your new LCD or Plasma TV wall mounted so that you can worship properly at the altar of the High Definition, Surround Sound TV.

Our Handyman Manchester can now fix you up with a wall mounted TV of any size – anywhere! Perhaps you want to watch TV whilst cooking up a treat in the kitchen? Or a cosy weekend DVD in bed? Wherever you want your TV to be – bathroom, study or even garden shed! – our handyman can do the job with less fuss than hanging a picture on the wall.

So what does our Handyman Manchester TV installation service guarantee?

  • A cleanly installed, wall mounted TV in any room you like to cover any size of TV!
  • No trailing wires, no mess, no fuss.
  • A secure and professional fitting.
  • Appointments to fit around you.
  • Our lowest prices.
  • All packaging removed leaving no evidence that we were ever there – apart from your beautiful new, wall mounted TV.
  • Prompt, reliable service.
  • Absolutely NO call out fees.

We also guarantee that you’ll suddenly become very popular with your mates on football days!
Your TV altar will become a cable-free zone thanks to our ingenious cable and wire solutions that make sure all you can see is your TV. It will look as clean and as elegant as a hanging mirror – only much more interesting, obviously!

Handyman Manchester will fit any size or brand of TV and will ensure that your TV is re-tuned and working perfectly. Any Sky boxes, DVD players, Satellite, Blu-Ray and games consoles will also be re-connected and tested so that you can start enjoying your wall mounted TV straight away!

So don’t all sit huddled around that monster TV in the corner, wafting the kids out of the way as they walk past; go for the cinematic effect and get more out of your favourite programmes and films. Your top quality, top of the range, HD, 3D TV needs your respect, so put it on a pedestal – or wall in this case, even mounted on the chimney breast! Wall mounted TVs are the ONLY way to gain maximum televisual enjoyment.

Our Handyman Manchester will travel to any area within Greater Manchester to fit your wall mounted TV and won’t charge a penny for callout fees. We guarantee that you will be 100% happy with the work we have done, so happy in fact that you’ll be telling all your friends about us!

And should you have any other little jobs around the house that need doing, don’t forget to mention these to us, after all you know what they say about killing two birds with one stone…

Christmas is one of our busiest periods, so don’t miss watching all that festive TV in home theatre style, call today and get priority installation in time for Christmas!