How to find and keep a Fantastic Handyman

Once you’ve found him you’ll want to keep him. With all the stories from friends, family and programmes on the television such as Watchdog and Cowboy builders you should know just how few and far between honest, reliable and professional tradesmen are. Thos e which won’t create extra work, charge by the hour then work like a sloth and even break things further to increase their income. These cowboy tradesmen are all over the UK and ever more prevalent in the Handyman sector.

Unlike a plasterer, a plumber, or even a locksmith, a handyman doesn’t have to be time-served or learn a trade, they don’t have to qualify or pass any exams and as such a lot of people turn their hand to it, even though they may not be very good. Cheap entry such as a few tools and an advert in the newspaper means they can get work straight away and put their few ‘skills’ they have learnt from watching 60 minute makeover to good use.

Now, here at Handyman Manchester, we are all for free enterprise and people using their initiative but we also believe that whatever services someone offers, advertises or promotes, they should be able to carry out competently, to a high standard and be adequately insured for the work they are undertaking. Insurance for handyman businesses is available from as little as £60 a year, this is a minimum outlay and provides you, the customer, with peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, they you can claim to get it put right. If your handyman isn’t even willing to invest £60 in their business then you should be asking yourself how much time and effort they are spending on the jobs you are paying them to do.

Standing out as a Great Handyman

Any handyman worth their salt will have public liability insurance as a minimum, ask to see their policy certificate and check it is date. What other things should you look out for?

Portfolio – A conscientious Handyman should have a portfolio full of before and after pictures of work they have carried out. They should show you projects similar to yours they have worked on before.

Testimonials – Happy customers are a great sign of a good handyman. Handwritten testimonials will give you an insight into how the chap works, how he treats his customers and how happy they were with the jobs carried out.

Helping your Handyman

Once you have found a handyman who has done a great job and you are happy with it is now your turn to repay the favour. With advertising becoming more and more expensive and more people competing for handyman work a recommendation can go a long way. Recommending your handyman to friends, family and work colleagues will help the handyman to keep busy and your acquaintances to be safe in the knowledge they are using someone reputable. I’m sure your handyman will be so pleased that they give you a discount on your next job, I know Handyman Manchester does.