Saving Money with your Manchester Handyman

We touch on this in our Handyman Charges page but though we would expand a little bit here.

We get asked to look at handyman jobs across a lot of the North West aswell as just Manchester. No matter where abouts we go, whether it be to people’s homes or offices we always meet people, probably a couple of times a month, who we know could save money on a handyman.

The reason they could save money is they are using alot of the Handyman’s time on wasteful tasks, i’ll list some below to try and help people who would like to save a bit of cash.

Know what you want doing (or at least an idea)

This one sounds pretty simple but can easily happen. People sometimes get caught up in what they want doing. They may call in a handyman to change their taps but then ask for sperate quotes on changing taps, changing taps + tiling a splashback, changing the sink, changing the sink and retiling the bathroom, changing the whole suite and a retile, retiling the whole bathroom in slate, retiling the whole bathroom in porcelain. From the handyman’s point of view, preparing 7-8 individual quotes for a job which will most likely end up and changing a tap (the first job called in for) is quite nonsensical. 7-8 quotes will take an hour, this time will have to be made up on the job so the quote will be high.

To avoid spending this money unnecessarily,decide on what you want doing, or a choice of two options and discuss it with your handyman.

Keep your appointment

We are happy to see customer’s jobs most evenings and at weekends but please, if you make an appointment, don’t ring at the appointment time and tell us you’ll be half an hour late.

Tidy the area, room, house

This is something we don’t mind doing but can save you money if you do it yourself. We recently decorated a whole house and the cost could have been halved if we didn’t have to tidy up each room , move furniture, then vacuum before starting the job.

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